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Showven ZK6200 - Host Controller for 18 Sparkular Machines

Showven ZK6200 - Host Controller for 18 Sparkular Machines

The Showven ZK6200 Host Controller is an intelligent control option for the Sparkular machines and can control up to 18 units at the same time and was specially designed for creating multiple special effects. The ZK6200 has multiple interface types and control modes adapting to modern stage, except DMX. The unit can also be triggered via Audio and MIDI timecodes to achieve music synchronization and uses LAN to achieve collaboration and communication between multiple host controllers.

Showven ZK6200 Features

  • Standard DMX512 Output
  • Controls (18) Sparkular units at the same time
  • (5) Standard dynamic effects modes that include Synchronization, Center to ends, End to center, Left to right, and right to left
  • Multiple trigger sources including Music, MIDI, or manual
  • Eay to navigate LED display interface
  • Monitoring function that can provide feedback on Temperature, Error Messages, etc on each machine
  • Emergency stop function includes Pause or Stop
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