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Rose Par 18

Rose Par 18

Rose pa 18x15w RGBWA UV 6-in-1 color, IP65 waterproof


Rose Par 18 is new design, excellect cooling make it is very bright. use 18x12w RGBWA 5-in-1 or 18x15w RGBWA-UV LEDs. 16 bit dimming curve and excellent color mixxing.

Sources: 18x10w RGBA 4-in-1 18x12w RGBWA 5-in-1 or 18x15w RGBWA-UV LEDs
Color: Full color, 16-bit color mixxing
Control: On-board LCD display, Switch set for digital data assignment and stand alone operation control, master/salve, auto-ran, controlled by DMX controller.
Channels: 6,8,10CH
IP rate: IP65, for outdoor use
Power: AC100~240V,50/60HZ
Packing Dimension: 11.8"x15.7"x4.8" (300x400x120mm)
Weight: 15.4bs (7 kg

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