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Kudo Line Array System

Kudo Line Array System

KUDO - Large Format Line Source

KUDO® offers far more flexibility than any other arena or theatre system, featuring a dual DOSC® HF waveguide and K-LOUVER Modular Directivity Technology. This combination of technologies generates eight directivity modes in both the horizontal and vertical planes and allows KUDO® to fit many applications in terms of audience, geometry and content.

Featuring a quad-amplified design and advanced enclosure tuning, KUDO® delivers an extended LF bandwidth delivering a one source, coherent sonic experience and an exceptional ability to perform without additional subwoofers. Whether installed for concert venues or touring as a standalone system or K1 complement, KUDO® deploys all the power of WST® with an unrivalled clarity and precision, offering a unique near-field listening experience throughout the audience.

New KUDO "25 Hz" mode

In addition to the recent preset library improvements on LA8, the KUDO system now delivers a staggering LF performance thanks to a new 25 Hz HP mode which:

- Exploits the full potential of the components and the rear bass reflex vents below 50 Hz
- Exploits the new LA8 power management engine for improved LF reproduction

Using a similar design approach to the K1 stadium system, KUDO features an exceptionally extended bandwidth for:

- A "one source", coherent sonic experience with more LF material radiated by the line source
- A simplified system measurement and tuning procedure
- A significant or even total reduction of the need for subwoofers.

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